Michael Heinz Schild, Vice President of Operations, CFO

Michael Schild

Michael Heinz Schild

Vice President of Operations, CFO

Michael Heinz Schild is the Vice President of Operations and the Chief Finanical Officer.  After a long career in business and sales, he joined Dr. Brain, Inc. in 2016.  Michael oversees the daily operations, establishes strategic plans and measures progress of Dr. Brain, Inc.  He critically evaluates areas of opportunity and for process improvement and leads the team towards these goals, all while ensuring a focus on patient satisfaction.

Leigh Ferry Weindel, Director of Clinic Operations

Leigh Weindel

Leigh Ferry Weindel

Director of Clinic Operations

Leigh Ferry Weindel is the Director of Clinic Operations.  Leigh started her career in healthcare in 1994 and evolved into a business owner in 2007.  She joined the Dr. Brain, Inc. team in 2018.  Leigh answers and responds to the Dr. Brain phone which rings hundreds of times daily, bridging our providers and patients between clinic visits.  She schedules the Dr. Brain, Inc. clinic and works with Michael to establish growth needs for the practice.

Tiffany Galland, Office Manager


Tiffany Galland

Office Manger

Tiffany Galland is the Office Manager.  She is the newest addition to the Dr. Brain, Inc. team.  As a business owner for 16 years, Tiffany brings a passion for customer service and process optimization.  She coordinates clinical and clerical activities with Leigh and Michael and keeps our office ready to serve our patients.